We are the Youth of Pakistan, We believe in struggling for the betterment of our country. ¬†We Devote our time and resources to put an end to all kind of exploitation let it be social injustice, Religious exploitation, Financial Exploitation, Abuse of Power, corruption, and bribery. We Will Open Governments if it be necessary and found guilty in abusing its Power. We won’t hesitate to expose People found guilty in any illegal or immoral activity in Pakistan. Pakistan is our homeland and we will be taking calculated measures to clean our home from all kind of trashes. We have enormous amount of respect and sense of appreciation for the law enforcement agencies….

Long Live Pakistan.

You can contact us if necessary at : Michealmendax0@gmail.com

You can share us documented information about any illegal or immoral activity taking place in Pakistan and we assure you that your identity will be kept anonymous…