What Swiss leaks has to say about United States?

United States is ranked #4 among the countries with the largest dollar amounts in the leaked Swiss files.

The maximum amount of money associated with a client connected to United States was $2B.

How much is this for United States?

United States’s GDP per capita was $48K in 2007. The top 10% held 30.55% of income in 2007. (Source: World Bank)

5,026 client accounts opened between 1955 and 2006 and linked to 8,692 bank accounts.

4,183 clients are associated with United States. 23% have a American passport or nationality.

United states governments officials are known for the exploitation of the Legal system, This is not me, who seems to be offended with it but i should be quoting “Bernie Sanders” in this regard, He seems to be the person who have always struggled and fought against legalizing crimes in the United States…He was the first person in 2011 who warned the Us government about the panama states and their financial system of offshore companies providing details of hidden assets remained undisclosed.